Treasury - Payment Initiation

Payment Initiation

Transform your digital business processes with integrated payment initiation capabilities.

Why use these APIs?

HSBC's Payment Initiation APIs provide connectivity to payment networks across HSBC's global network, enabling you to make electronic payments and receive on demand payment tracking information in the regions that you do business.

Key features

  • Real-time, single and bulk payments
  • Industry standard format
  • Fast setup with dedicated integration support
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Market leading security

Payment Initiation APIs

Real-time payment initiation with instant settlement

Real-time payments that are processed via in country Real-time Payment Network. These payments require both HSBC and the beneficiary bank to be registered with the particular network in the intended payment country. The API response will return a confirmation that funds have credited the beneficiary account.

Single or bulk payment initiation with instant receipt

Payments that settle via standard clearing based on country specific payment processing. The immediate API response reflects the current processing status. The payment status enquiry API returns the updated processing status.

Payment status enquiry

Provides the capability to track the updated status of the payments during processing.


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