Open Banking partnerships

Become an Open Banking partner to build cutting-edge applications, connect with customers and provide real time data on HSBC services.

Becoming an approved partner

Experiment freely in the sandbox environment to understand which APIs you need. Once you’re ready to go live, request the APIs you need for production and provide your business case for our team to assess.

Key benefits

Unlock your potential

Use our APIs to unlock the true potential of your applications.


Stay up-to-date

Get the latest data using our APIs.


Connect to our customers

Expand your network by providing services to our customers.

Partnership news

centaline mortgage logo

Centaline Mortgage Broker Limited (CMB), established in 1997, is a member of Centaline Group. CMB provide free mortgage referral services in addition to mortgage pre-approval, valuation of properties and express mortgage approval services based on clients’ needs and investment strategies.

04 Jul 2022 |1 min read
Open Banking partnerships Hong Kong
Osome Logo

Osome frees entrepreneurs from paperwork so they can focus on their business. Osome provides digital accounting and tax, incorporation, corporate secretarial and visa services to thousands of businesses in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK. Fully digital, reliable and affordable, available on the web or in your phone.

23 Jun 2022 |1 min read
Open Banking partnerships Hong Kong
Nova Logo

NOVA makes use of the Business integrated account opening API which facilitates the account application process to deliver a seamless onboarding experience for customers.

23 Jun 2022 |1 min read
Open Banking partnerships Hong Kong

How to become a Partner

Our APIs let you access financial solutions and approved customer data, then seamlessly implement them into your products and services.

1. Register

Register to view our documentation to help you find the right APIs for your needs.

2. Experiment

Create a project in the Dev Hub to get your encryption keys so you can experiment in our sandbox environment.

3. Build

Get straight to work in a production environment, with live testing within your app or website.

4. Launch

Move straight into production and connect your customers with unique digital experiences.