Use Case

Personal Financial Management

Managing your money shouldn’t be a hassle. Personal Financial Management (PFM) makes financial planning easier for customers by connecting their ability to view account and transactional information with applications for financial products which enhance, categories and sort their banking data.

The challenge

An HSBC customer wants to provide their HSBC accounts and transactional information to a third party application, but they’re uncomfortable with the concept of sharing their HSBC log on credentials to do so.

The solution

Using HSBC’s Account Information API, the third party provider can integrate HSBC accounts and transactional data into their application for all their customers to use. Customers wanting to add HSBC accounts will consent via a redirect which allows them to authenticate their ID directly with HSBC. HSBC will pass the authenticated customer back to the third party, who can then access their relevant data for a 90-day period.


  • no HSBC customer log on credentials are shared with the third party
  • the customer consents to providing account information through HSBC
  • the customer can choose to revoke consent anytime

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