Use Case

Open Banking payments

Open Banking payments allow customers to make purchases using their HSBC accounts, but without the need for a credit or debit card. Customers send funds directly from their bank account to the merchant.

The challenge

The need for customers to enter their bank card details can become a trust issue when dealing with small businesses, as well as a potential lost sale if the card details are not to hand at the time of purchase.

The solution

Authorised third parties can use the HSBC Payment Initiation API to redirect the customer to their HSBC Mobile Banking app to make a payment, allowing them to authenticate and pay directly from their bank account, without needing to remember or enter any card details. The customer simply confirms the payment using their app and is then redirected back to the merchant. Reassuringly quick, simple and secure.


  • customers pay directly from their HSBC bank account
  • no card or account details needed
  • Fast and secure

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