API overview

Account Information

Securely access real-time account information, balances and transaction history.

Key features 

Enhance Services

Access account information including accounts, balances and transactions to integrate into your app.

Connect Customers

Develop applications that connect customers and enhance your financial management proposition.


Retrieve real-time account information via a secure connection incorporating the latest regulatory standards in electronic data exchange.

Which brands are supported?

This API enables you to connect to customers of the following HSBC brands:

  • HSBC Bahrain Premier
  • HSBC Bahrain Advance 
  • HSBC Bahrain Personal Banking

How to get started

  • Create an account on develop.hsbc.
  • Read our documentation on how to use our API services and secure your connection with the right electronic certificate.
  • Access our Sandbox to test your application.
  • Once you’ve registered with the Central Bank of Bahrain, you can use our live API services.
  • Onboard your customers and take off... the sky is the limit...

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