Payment Initiation - UK

Payment Initiation

Integrate secure payment initiation into your application and launch your business potential.

Key features

Connect Customers

Leverage HSBC customer relationships to develop a customer value payment ecosystem in your own banking applications.

Accelerate Innovation

Develop applications that use the Open Banking payment APIs that are reshaping the financial services industry.


Initiate payments via a secure connection incorporating the latest regulatory standards in electronic data exchange.

Which brands are supported?

This API enables you to connect to customers of the following HSBC brands:

  • HSBC UK Personal Banking
  • first direct
  • HSBC UK Business Banking
  • HSBC UK Kinetic

How to get started

  • Create an account on
  • Read our documentation on how to use the our API services and secure your connection with the right electronic certificate.
  • Access our Sandbox to test your application.
  • Once you’ve registered with your National Competent Authority, you can use our live API services.
  • Onboard your customers and take off ... the sky is the limit...


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